Optimal support for schools

We believe that every student deserves equal opportunities in life and we understand that education is the #1 enabler for them to fulfill their potential. Get inspired by a glimpse of our material distribution services. 


Iddink is a distributor of teaching and learning materials in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In the Dutch high season, more than 15,000 packages with different textbooks leave our warehouses on their way to the home addresses of students in the Netherlands alone. Iddink also takes care of the distribution of digital teaching materials; students simply use their Magister app or that of another supplier.

Schools are relieved of their burden as much as possible with our services because both schools and students can arrange everything via the online service portals.

Nowa Era

The Nowa Era Group offers are complemented by modern IT solutions, software that supports education management (VULCAN) and products from the area of special educational needs, including the popular eduSensus series (previously Young Digital Planet).

We are an undisputed leader, not only in the scale of our operations, but above all, in the high quality of our educational solutions. They accompany pupils from the beginning of their adventure with books until their most important exam - the matura exam.