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Our eight learning companies are located across Europe and among the best in their own markets: VAN IN (Belgium), Sanoma Pro (Finland), Malmberg (the Netherlands), Nowa Era (Poland), Sanoma Utbildning (Sweden), Iddink Group (the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain), itslearning (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom) and Santillana (Spain).

With more than 2,700 employees we share a deep rooted passion for education. We believe education is the key to reach the potential of students and we feel privileged to be able to play a significant role in this journey. The opportunity to contribute to the development of future generations is why we are passionate, committed and always willing to go the extra mile for students, teachers, schools and each other.

Our learning companies

The Netherlands

Sanoma Pro inspires learning with high-quality learning materials and services from early childhood to upper secondary and vocational studies. Sanoma Pro is the number one educational publisher in Finland. 

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Sanoma Utbildning is among the top three publishing companies for learning materials in Sweden. Our focus is to continuously develop both physical and digital learning materials for all our subjects from mathematics, language and social studies to history, law and management literature.

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Educational publisher Malmberg develops learning methods for primary, secondary and secondary vocational education and offers these methods  through books and digital learning platforms. Malmberg also offers service and support to teachers to work optimally with the learning methods. 

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The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain

VAN IN is the largest educational publisher in Belgium. Thanks to the enthusiastic commitment of our 180 employees and many more authors, we offer innovative education and high-quality teaching materials, both in Flanders and in the French speaking Community, for primary, secondary and higher education.

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Nowa Era is the most recognizable educational brand and the largest publisher in Poland, with a comprehensive and modern portfolio covering all educational segments and all school subjects, including foreign languages and products for children with special educational needs.

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Iddink Group is the market leader in educational services in the Netherlands and the innovation partner for schools, teachers and students in secondary and vocational education. Under the brands Iddink, Eduarte and Magister, Iddink Group offers learning material distribution, student administration systems, digital learning environments, apps and advanced teaching and learning (resources) solutions.

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Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom

itslearning – headquartered in Bergen, Norway – is the largest European provider of learning management systems. Since 1999, our award-winning LMS has been improving education by providing teachers with real, classroom-actionable guidance for students at all levels of education. Our mission is to improve education through technology. Our goal is to empower students by empowering teachers.

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Santillana has been promoting education in Spain for over sixty years and has a wide range of projects for each educational stage (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, High School and Vocational Training) and teaching area; always with the aim of ensuring consistency between teaching practice and the curriculum.

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