Iddink Group is the market leader in educational services in the Netherlands and the innovation partner for schools, teachers and students in secondary and vocational education. Under the brands Iddink, Eduarte and Magister, Iddink Group offers learning material distribution, student administration systems, digital learning environments, apps and advanced teaching and learning (resources) solutions. This is how, every day, more than 2 million students can develop in the way that suits them best.

Iddink Group operates in various education markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain with the brands Iddink, Magister, Eduarte and Quayn.


Iddink Spain primarily handles the distribution of books - both new and used - that are fully tailored to the wishes of the school and the parents. The introduction of a completely new buying and selling system for textbooks in Spain, called Ecobooks®, is in line with the increasing desire to use books in an ecologically and economically responsible manner.


Additionally, Iddink Spain provides an alternative form of external service, in which we provide the distribution of their books on behalf of the schools. It is also possible to make digital teaching materials accessible via a personal web portal. With this, we enable the school and its students to obtain both the books and the digital teaching materials through one intermediary.


On a daily basis, The Implementation Group monitors performance at all possible levels and for every process. This requires data from many internal and external sources to be converted into control information. In this way, our customers receive up-to-date information at their disposal at any time. . This gives our customers a reliable foundation for optimal business operations.


Clickedu offers its customers school administration systems and digital learning environments. The software of Clickedu contains a school platform in the cloud that includes academic, administrative and economic management tools, a virtual learning environment with connection to digital books and free content, management of teachers, tutors and heads of studies, the quality of the center and a communication environment with families.

Clickedu serves around 450 schools mainly in Spain, but also in Latin America and the UK. In Spain, we are the leading provider of educational platforms in the Catalonia area.